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The Tuscan cuisine consists mainly of traditional dishes and desserts that retain their preparation for many years. The first characteristic product that has no equal or similar in Italy's Tuscan bread, characterized by a lack of salt. It seems that the custom dates back to the twelfth century when, at the height of the rivalry between Pisa and Florence, Pisa blocked the trade of precious sodium chloride.

In Tuscany, the sacredness of bread, that is the importance of not throw it away but to use it even when it is stale, is testified by a long series of ancient recipes still widespread: the panzanella, the breadcrumbs, ribollita, acquacotta, pappa al pomodoro, garlic bread, soup vegetables.

Another feature of traditional Tuscan cuisine par excellence is the use of white meat and hunting meat. The products of the farm, grazing freely chickens, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl and pigeons along with rabbits and Glue game as the hare and wild boar, pheasant and porcupines have always been the great feasts menu. The pig is also used a lot, just think of the famous Tuscan salami, ham salted.

Among the cheeses tradition focuses on Tuscan pecorino, as a product to be preserved: the most famous one of Pienza and Maremma; while we find the ricotta and raveggiolo among soft cheeses.

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